Nutrition & Allergy

In this in-depth 95 minute consultation, a full health case history is taken. This enables me to see how your health picture has developed.

We look at how your nutrition and possible allergy issues have arisen, which is contributing to your current health. Testing for allergy and intolerances with Kinesiology (muscle testing) is an essential part in the consultation.

What solutions you required to improve your health and well being are discussed and relayed in a report that you can easily follow.

Booking in for re-testing after 6 weeks is advised.

Pure Allergy

Which foods, chemicals, and environmental stresses are affecting your health and well being. This session is a great way to quickly bring about change within the body often resulting in better energy and improved overall health.

Using kinesiology a muscle testing technique, I am able to pinpoint allergy and intolerance. It is non- invasive and suitable for all family members.

Booking in for re-testing after 6 weeks is advised.


Your home environment impacts on you and your family health in untold ways. Usually booked after a Nutrition and Kinesiology consultation. It’s a great add on to pinpoint any health issues caused by your environment. You would have heard of sick building syndrome and its impact on health. Well, it’s a very real issue caused by many possible factors. EMF stress, possible geopathic stress, principals of Feng shui, and energy flow are all looked at and evaluated for you. Various RF meters are used. Morning appointments unless arranged prior. Distance within 30 minutes drive. Longer distance please contact me directly.


Allergy Consultation

Nutrition and Kinesiology Consultation

Home and environmental Consultation

PEMF therapy sessions

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Consultations with Nicola
Henley on Thames/London

Discover how your present symptoms have come about. Energy and Nutritional Solutions with ongoing support.

Seize the day and start living to your true potential.

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