Gut health, simple and effective

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bowel flora

There is much talk about the apparent benefits of probiotics and prebiotics and a lucrative industry built around them. There are definitely some good supplements available, but a lot are pretty pointless Prebiotics occur naturally in foods and of the many probiotics that claim to improve your gut health they actually don’t as they do not get past the stomach. … Read More

Bone Broth

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Make your very own health elixir To make your own Bone broth is simple to do, cheap and very good for you. Bone Broth is finally getting some serious air time. It is made with bones of various animals, preferable organic but free range will do. As with any good stock, bones are typically roasted first to improve the flavour … Read More

Healthy boundaries

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A New Year, a new you? Knowing the difference between healthy and unhealthy boundaries is important to having a happy and healthy life. Good, healthy relationships work wonders for your confidence helping you grow and develop. Do you have someone stepping over your boundaries? It could be a friend who’s just that bit to over bearing or a boss or … Read More

No to GMO

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So as far as family outings go, going to a Pumpkin and Squash Festival probably wasn’t on my lists of top things to do of a weekend. But I was pleasantly surprised when we rolled up to Tolhurst Organic Farm in the very beautiful South Oxfordshire Village of Whitchurch on Thames. I didn’t think it was possible to find a … Read More

Removing Heavy Metals From The Body

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You may wonder how heavy metals get into the body; well simply through vaccination, dental fillings, farming chemicals, industrial and car pollution, fish, other food sources. Children and babies susceptibility New born babies seem the most susceptible to traumatic brain damage from heavy metals. They have yet to properly develop their blood-brain barrier protection and are generally subjected to an … Read More

Your Own Healing System – Ebola

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We rely heavily on the Media to keep us informed of what is happening in the world and to report to us accurate information on the likes of Ebola. But whether we are told the truth or not, essentially it’s better to know what natural remedies will give you a fighting chance if the need arises. A lot of people … Read More

Fluoride – Water Hazard

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Your mind some may say is your weapon and your ability to interact with life and all walks of it. But did you know that every day chemicals in your daily routine are potentially damaging your brain? The main culprits I’m looking at today is Fluoride “Fluoridation goes against all principles of pharmacology. It’s obsolete.” — Dr. Arvid Carlsson, Nobel … Read More

Prebiotics & Probiotic

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A need for Probiotics…. We all know that Antibiotics kill bacteria. But the trouble is they are not selective, they kill good and bad bacteria regardless. Bacteria are essential to our health with our gut being home to 300 to a 1000 different species of bacteria. They help us digest our food and enable our body to utilities vitamins, protect … Read More

Coconut oil- what’s all the fuss about?

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Coconut oil has come into the lime light in recent years, with it’s diverse uses and ‘super food’ benefits. This one single product can be cooked with, remove your makeup, hydrate your skin and hair. What more could you want? Coconut oil contains an abundance of medicinal properties and a combination of fatty acids, which have been demonised in the … Read More