A healthy outlook

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We can all get a little consumed by the current trending food fad and diet, but is it good for you? Are you eating with a positive attitude? ‘I should eat this’. ‘I must eat that’. ‘It’s meant to be good for me’! But have you considered if your body even wants what is on offer! Just because it’s ‘healthy’ … Read More

Turmeric Tea

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We have now become skilled in the art of grating turmeric. after a week of walking around like we have a 20 a day habit, the staining has finally faded. But most worth it when you consider the health benefit. It can boost the immune system, aid digestion, fight inflammation, help decrease depression, inhibit the growth of cancer cells and … Read More

Solar Eclipse

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The display the sun and moon put on for the solar eclipse was a stunning sight if you were lucky enough to see it. On top of that we now have the spring equinox, coinciding with a new moon and a solar eclipse it marks a fantastic opportunity to create change with in your life. A time of resurrection, rebirth … Read More

How natural is your beauty regime?

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What’s inside? The average woman uses around 126 plus chemicals every day in just her beauty regime. Do you know what you are absorbing through your skin? Formaldehyde and arsenic can be found in dozens of products including baby products which is criminal. Removing the chemical burden Tests have suggested you can absorb 2.2kg of chemicals each year from your … Read More

Top 5 me-time retreats for Mother’s Day

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If the last time you enjoyed some serious me-time was pre-children, it’s time to get your life back in balance. Start by planning a weekend wellness retreat for you and your beau (no kids allowed). Repeat after me: restore, rejuvenate and relax… Ahhh! We’ve asked our friends at Wellbeing Escapes, the UK’s leading wellbeing travel experts, to recommend their Top … Read More

What’s on your plate?

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take a break

It’s time to start shopping smarter. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) have reported the latest figures on pesticides residue on fruit and vegetables. Another reason to buy organic, but if money is tight you can always choose the cleanest fruit and vegetables from the list. All the happy munching Kale folk, make sure it’s organic! The Cleanest food Avocados Sweet … Read More

Vitality smoothie

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This is a serious free radical destroyer with spirulina, maca, kale, half an apple and a blueberry punch. Kale A cup of kale weighs in at roughly 30 calories and it contains about 3 grams of protein and nearly 2.5 grams of fibre. It’s high in folate, vitamin B, A, C, K , Alpha-linolenic acid and a small amount of … Read More

Seriously simple

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oat loaf

This is the most simple, yet tasty loaf you’ll ever make. Just 4 ingredients, hardly any mixing and pop in a lined loaf tin and you’re done. You can put it together in 2 minutes no problem. Method Add 1 large pot of natural yogurt to a large bowl (we use sheep) Using the yogurt container as a measure, fill … Read More

Magic Fungi

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Mushrooms should have their own superfood status all on their own. This quiet little fungi has been used for thousands of years and thoroughly deserves a place on your plate. Linked to enhancing our immune system for their powerful anti-ageing properties (Dr Weil created a whole skincare range around them) these subtly flavoured delights really have something to shout about. … Read More

Natural whitening for teeth

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natural teeth powder

After coming back from seeing the dentist and hygienist who I haven’t been to see since 2009! I was feeling quite smug with myself at being told I had lovely teeth and they were very clean and naturally white. They asked what I used and looked most perplexed when I said I oiled pulled and used bicarbonate of soda paste … Read More