8 Super Prebiotic Foods

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IBS getting you down…….? Feeling bloated? Uncomfortable in your tummy? Well you most definitely need to address the friendly bacteria in your gut. Prebiotic – (food for friendly bacteria) Probiotic – (friendly bacteria)- Got it! The best way to aid theses troublesome issues is with prebiotic’s. They are foods that feed the ‘good bacteria’ in your gut.  By consuming these … Read More

B12 foods that will boost brain function

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How are your B12 levels? If you suffer from tiredness, breathlessness, feeling faint, a sore tongue, perhaps your having vision problems, suffering from depression- the list is quite extensive. It’s worth getting you B12 (cobalamin) checked as deficiency of B12 can cause anaemia and nervous system damage. B12 helps your brain function which raise GABA levels – a neurotransmitter that … Read More

Colic blues

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Not all babies get infantile colic and certainly not all babies grow out of it after 12 weeks. There are many reason colic can come about and it is most definitely worth exploring some if not all of the following in hope of reducing symptoms if not completely removing them. Worth trying is a visit to an osteopath. Birth is … Read More

I am enough

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As we rush from one thing to the next worrying about getting things done and feel were neglecting ourselves and our children…STOP! Bring your attention to your breathe. In nose, out nose, in nose, out and say aloud or silently “I am enough”. Repeat as often as you need. It helps you focus and brings attention back to you……..you are … Read More

Small changes, big rewards.

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Want to change it up a gear?   There are many contribution factors to our physical wellbeing. The environment,  nutrition, mental and spiritual health all play a part. Here are 4 tips to help you push through the last few days of January and get close to your goals for this year. Environmental Turn off your WIFI at night and whenever you’re not … Read More

4 ways to support your detox

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With January in full swing, many of us are either on the wagon or detoxing to some degree. To help yourself along and lessen the burden you should try some of the following. Acv and bicarb Start and end your day with Apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate of soda drink. This super alkalising beverage will give you energy and those … Read More

Auto Immune the modern epidemic

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Most of us have some form of food sensitivity. Not an allergy per say but a sensitivity to an element of food that causes inflammation in the small intestine. This constant damage to our intestine from our food sensitivity can ultimately develop into forms of auto immune disease. Arthritis, Ms, Lupus, Thyroid issues, CF, graves, colitis, fatigue, skin disorders and allergy are types … Read More

5 ways to improve your health in under a minute

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People often ask me ‘How can I improve my health?’. Well as many of you know there is no quick fix, but changing just a few things can make a huge impact. Here’s 5 quick under a minute things your can do that will help. 1. Shoes off. It is estimated that there is over 420,000 units of bacteria on … Read More

Lunch and Supper Club

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Save the date, choose the menu and chill the wine! Lunch and supper clubs are back…….fancy hosting? With so much information out there on diets, super foods and all manner of celebrity endorsing this and that. You’d be forgiven for being a tad confused on what you should and shouldn’t eat. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with food, so it’s … Read More

Environmental stresses

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Is Wi-Fi stressing you out? Everyday technology in our homes can spread radiation and deplete our energies. With the truly addictive nature of technology, our anxiety levels are through the roof and stress-related illnesses are becoming common place. It’s no wonder that breaks from our phones and other devices are being positively encouraged and digital detox retreats are a growing … Read More