It’s that time again.

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Equinox Cleanse Spring is upon us in the Southern Hemisphere and Autumn approaches in the North. Perfect time for an Equinox cleanse to help you along in the coming months. Monday 20th March 2023 3 meals a day What you need to do are 3 meals a day and no snacks!During your cleanse, your goal is to teach your body … Read More

PEMF Therapy

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PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field which means it uses low-level electromagnetic radiation to heal bone, muscle, and general regeneration. Dave Aspery (from Bulletproof) has a really great blog where he explains clearly what PEMF can do for you. I’m very lucky to be able to offer PEMF therapy now at my clinic. I’m doing 10 sessions for the price … Read More

Competition Time

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Nutrition and Allergy Consultation Drawing on 15 years of experience practicing Nutrition and Kinesiology,an innovative muscle testing method. I can pinpoint vital information from your body’s responses.This enables me to create a bespoke, nutrition-based programme by removing the inflammatory causing substances. Giving you a 360 degree view of your current health issues with the root causes, rather than just treating … Read More

The Cost of Freedom

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I wanted to share with you an excerpt from ‘The Truth about Cancer’ team. The powers that be – billionaires, the tech and pharmaceutical industries, and governments around the world – have used fear as a means to seize the very freedoms that define our society. Many of us are at the mercy of these authorities. Businesses are failing, citizens … Read More

Clinic now open

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Happy to announce that my clinic in Pukekawa, NZ is now open. I’m here help in all aspect of your health and wellbeing. Specialising in Nutrition, Kinesiology and Environmental Health Services available Nutrition and Kinesiology Consultation Pure Allergy Consultation Home Environmental Consultation Please see website for details Give me a call for any questions or use the contact form on … Read More


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Iodine is essential for good health but particularly it is necessary for thyroid and metabolic functions. It has the important job of converting food into substances your body can use, it is literally “fuel” for the thyroid.  Good thyroid health also helps your body maintain a healthy weight, keeping a steady heart rate, regulates your temperature and improve your digestion … Read More

Liver salvation

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Nurture this hero This anti ageing ally that safeguards you from the external world has been underappreciated for far too long. If you took a look inside your liver, you would be amazed at all the complex processes it is dealing with. The isolating of pathogens, antibiotics, plastics, viral and bacteria substances and the list goes on and on. Your … Read More

The change of season

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Power to change. It’s that time of year again when the nights draw in and the end of summer has finally made way for the next season. The Autumn Equinox on Sunday 23th September coincides with Monday’s Full Moon creating a valuable opportunity for cleansing the body from internal, cellular dross. An equinox is when the Sun is exactly above the Equator and … Read More

What is health?

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So it’s been a long damp, dark and wet Easter break and it’s so great to get back to seeing my lovely clients. Bring on the sun…we miss you. Which brings me to a bright and sunny client the other day who asked in one of our sessions ‘What is health’? Love it! Is ‘health’ simply the absence of disease? … Read More