The Cost of Freedom

Nicola MasseyResilience


I wanted to share with you an excerpt from ‘The Truth about Cancer’ team.

The powers that be – billionaires, the tech and pharmaceutical industries, and governments around the world – have used fear as a means to seize the very freedoms that define our society. Many of us are at the mercy of these authorities. Businesses are failing, citizens are hurtling towards financial ruin, and the rights enshrined in the constitution have been stripped.

To quote a poem by renowned author T. S. Eliot:

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but with a whimper.

The drastic oppression we currently face did not come with a bang. It came swiftly and softly as the world was fooled into believing that the sacrifice of our God-given rights was the only way to save humanity. It’s time to fight back, no matter the personal cost.

And the cost may be great.

For years, we have peacefully protested and fought for our freedoms. We have fought to take our health into our own hands and resist fascist laws and censorship of information. We’ve written our representatives and rallied against proposed bills that would essentially force parents to inject their children with whatever drugs Merk, Gates, and the CDC deem “necessary.”

And while these measures continue to be important, the time has come for more drastic measures.

The political arena has become a veritable cesspool of corruption and misinformation. The bodies that were created to protect us have been infiltrated by special interest groups that care more about power, money, and control than the well-being of real people.

Fear has been fully weaponized,
Our forefathers fought and died to preserve what they deemed to be life’s greatest treasure: freedom.

Practicing safe habits as a virus spreads is important. Supporting your immune system, practicing proper hygiene, and taking care of those most vulnerable among us is of paramount importance. But the oppressive measures taken against us will cause far more damage than this virus ever could.

The inevitable conclusion to this chapter of our history will be a bargain: comply with government orders and they will return to you your freedom.

But conditional freedom is no freedom at all. And it’s time we sent that message loud and clear.

God created mankind to be free.

Let no man take what God has given us.

We need to look past this mirage. Vaccines, 5G, 4G, glycophosphate : You can’t take any of the information you are offered with any trust. You must dig deeper and not just think someone else will sort it out for us because clearly that’s not helping.

We need to stand together and not allow the wool to be pulled over our eyes anymore.

Below are some links to help you make your own mind up.

Don’t be a sheep…..Baa Award-winning documentary on the dangers of wifi radiation on our children. Robert F Kennedy, Jr. Fantastic site. Protect your health and family with science you can trust.

Josh Del Sol’s award winning documentary, definetly watch this

Andrew Campanelli – Lawyer fighting for the people on cell tower radiation and 5G Fab source of information on many aspects of health.

This is just a small fraction of information, from these few they lead to many. Dig deeper.