Liver salvation

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Nurture this hero

This anti ageing ally that safeguards you from the external world has been underappreciated for far too long. If you took a look inside your liver, you would be amazed at all the complex processes it is dealing with. The isolating of pathogens, antibiotics, plastics, viral and bacteria substances and the list goes on and on.

Your liver is starving

The liver is so busy processing the fats and toxins that we consume that it is literally starving. It’s job is to keep you balanced which is nigh on impossible in our consumer driver world. We have become extremely out of balance.

The internal housekeeper

Think of your liver as the internal housekeeper, responsible for all the washing, cleaning and sorting of the waste. It has to do all these chores before it can nourish itself. If the storage banks of the liver are full of dross there is no room for the nutrients. It will always try to contain the dross to protect you, but it can only go so far. you need to help it.

A good book to educate

Recommended reading for anyone that truly wishes to help themselves is Liver Rescue by Anthony William. It’s a great book and really informative.

My top tips for a healthy liver:

  1. Upon rising large glass of water with half a lemon
  2. Your liver needs a good break from all it’s chores so abstain from any fats until lunch.
  3. Smoothie with berries, spirulina and wheatgrass would be a great option for breakfast or even a couple of apples. Your liver will be so grateful for this food. By supporting it with this simple start to the day, it will let go of the toxins that it has been storing and replenish itself with the nutrients in the natural food you have consumed.
  4. Herbal teas – Think nettle, hibiscus, dandelion, red clover, ginger, burdock root these healing plants will soothe the liver, supporting it cleansing.
  5. Supplements: Depending on your symptoms, generally I would always consider the basics. Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin D3, DHA, CoQ10, Folate, B complex and B12, Ashwagandha and Milk thistle.
  6. End your day how you started it.

Spare a thought.

So give a lot of thought to what you consume, your personal care products, petrochemicals from your car, your antifreeze, the washing powder and bleach, the tin foil your dinner came in, the plastic wrap on your cucumber. All of these things impact your liver so have a think.

Turn off your engine at the school gates, walk to the shop, cover your mouth when filling up with diesel. All these little things will make a difference and you and your liver will be happier for it.