Moo, Baa and what ever noise a goat makes

Nicola MasseyNutrition and Wellbeing

It’s all about the protein.

Not all dairy is the same, for those of you that believe your intolerance or allergic to dairy, it may not be the lactose that is the problem. There are two types of protein in cow dairy, A1 and A2. A study in China where up 90% of the population apparently react to dairy, 600 participants drank 300ml of milk, with symptoms monitored after one, three and 12 hours of consumption, those who consumed only A2 protein, showed a dramatic improvement in digestive symptoms. It appears A1 protein is the issue for many and not, in fact, the lactose.

Get tested

A simple way to find out is to come and get tested. By removing the offending food your body is not producing an inflammatory response. Therefore not descending your energy, which is vital for maintaining good health. Imagine years of drinking or eating a food substance that is detrimental to you. It slowly chips away at your resolve and eventually manifests in some negative way. A skin disorder, IBS, depression or even more serious disease.

Try an alternative

There are lots of alternatives in the shops and farmers markets.  Goat has an established following but I personally look to sheep for a much more digestible protein for us humans. Most of my clients who are completely allergic to cow dairy, even A2 protein, handle sheep dairy in small amounts. I know this is true for me. I test myself regularly and cow dairy is always a no…..frustrating! If I do get tempted by a flat white or a cheese and pickle sandwich, I always make sure I have dairy enzymes on hand to help the old bod cope. However, this should be used sparingly.

The gift of health for those you love

Thinking of your children and how you can transform their future health is the best gift possible. By showing them which is the correct food is for them,  and also how they can make the right choice for themselves. Getting them tested is a sure way to instill a great practice for life.  If you would like more information call me for a chat to see how I can help you. x

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