8 Super Prebiotic Foods

Nicola MasseyNutrition and Wellbeing

IBS getting you down…….? Feeling bloated? Uncomfortable in your tummy? Well you most definitely need to address the friendly bacteria in your gut.

Prebiotic – (food for friendly bacteria)

Probiotic – (friendly bacteria)- Got it!

The best way to aid theses troublesome issues is with prebiotic’s. They are foods that feed the ‘good bacteria’ in your gut.  By consuming these helpful foods your really giving your gut the best nutrients to thrive.

Expensive probiotics aren’t always the answer as they often don’t get past your stomach acid. You can create your own inner oasis with some savvy food choices.


So what foods are prebiotics? They vary immensely. Raw food has potentially  more benefits than cooked but you can’t go wrong with this helpful bunch.

On the list

  1. Asparagus is packed with fibre, folate and the other crucial B vitamins. Eat it grilled, sautéed or raw. It has a naturally sweet taste and is also a natural diuretic to aid bloating.
  2. Bananas both sooth the gut membrane and also contain natural fibres that promote good bacteria growth.
  3. Onions contain a natural source of inulin which the gut uses to clean house and it ups the good bacteria during the process. Onions are also packed with antioxidants. Leeks are also brilliant
  4. Beans are packed with oligosaccharides (simple sugars) that feed good gut bacteria. So soaking your beans overnight before cooking them will help with digestion. Their also a great source of potassium, protein and are high in fibre.
  5. Garlic is the real superfood, it’s a rich source of inulin as well as fantastic antibacterial and anti viral properties. Not only does it destroy the bad bacteria, it feeds the good – A two for one, plus its a great source of Vitamin B6 which aids in metabolism and nervous system health.
  6. Legumes are super nutritious. Lentils, chickpeas, and green peas are all excellent choices of protein, iron, and B vitamins. They’re filled with just the right amount of fibre and natural sugars to boost good gut bacteria, but probably a bit less gassy than beans….not speaking from experience!
  7. Grains are great food for prebiotics. Oat, wheat and rice feeds good gut bacteria. It also helps regularity and may reduce cholesterol. Make sure you to choose organic and GMO free.
  8. Finally apple are a fantastic food for your heart and brain due to their antioxidant content. But their pectin content is why they are so great for your gut. Pectin feeds good bacteria and apples are full of the stuff. Apples are also good for keeping your tummy full and warding off high cholesterol too. An apple a day!
  9. You may wish to consider sauerkraut and other fermented pickles that already contain naturally occurring probiotics (friendly bacteria) to help re balance the guts natural harmony. It all helps.


There are many more foods you can try and they really can make the all the difference. But if IBS is a really problem for you it’s important to get tested for food intolerance and removing the culprits is paramount.