B12 foods that will boost brain function

Nicola MasseyNutrition and Wellbeing

How are your B12 levels?

If you suffer from tiredness, breathlessness, feeling faint, a sore tongue, perhaps your having vision problems, suffering from depression- the list is quite extensive. It’s worth getting you B12 (cobalamin) checked as deficiency of B12 can cause anaemia and nervous system damage.

B12 helps your brain function which raise GABA levels – a neurotransmitter that softens signals to the brain that could otherwise overwhelm it. B12 also helps in the production of healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body.

It’s not found in plant based foods.

B12 is made by micro-organisms meaning it isn’t produced by plants, so vegetarians and vegans can suffer from low levels of this essential vitamin. It’s important to find other fortified food that contain it such as nutritional yeast.

Foods that are great sources of B12

  1. Shrimp contains roughly 80% of your daily requirement.
  2. Cheese contains some – Swiss cheese being higher than most.
  3. Fish such as sardines contain about 20% of your daily amount plus the extra bonus of DHA which is essential for brain function.
  4. Fortified cereals often contain added B12 and folate.
  5. Mussels contain a huge amount of B12, up to 340%  for a 3 ounce serving. Also packed with iron and Vitamin c. Clams would be another good choice and their high in potassium too.
  6. Beef, chicken, milk and eggs all have B12 values and if your vegan or vegetarian, Marmite  is a great choice as it raises GABA levels for up to 8 weeks with just one teaspoon a day for 1 month according to scientists at York University.
  7. Nutritional yeast is an excellent source for vegans and many alternative milks are fortified them with B12.
  8. To be on the safe side I use daily supplement of B12 and I always take with folate.

If your unsure get your levels checked.