Colic blues

Nicola MasseyNutrition and Wellbeing

Not all babies get infantile colic and certainly not all babies grow out of it after 12 weeks. There are many reason colic can come about and it is most definitely worth exploring some if not all of the following in hope of reducing symptoms if not completely removing them.

Worth trying is a visit to an osteopath. Birth is traumatic and babies twist and turn and are put under many stresses to get out into our hectic world. A mild adjustment can make all the difference in a baby settling and feeding well.

If breast feeding, it’s probably food your consuming that is the problem. Make a note of foods you eat is invaluable for working out the culprit. More often than not this solves the issue very quickly. Seeing a Kinesiologist like myself is the perfect way to work out which foods are causing the reaction from either allergy or intolerance. Well worth considering as it takes away all the guess work. The same goes for bottle fed where the formula is the problem.

Is your baby tongue tied. This will not help the baby feeding and is hard to diagnose. If gaining weight is a problem this also should be investigated as the baby is not getting enough food.

Homeopathic remedies are an excellent tool to use at the correct timings. Crap apple (colocynth) is the hero remedy for colicky babies. It helps relax the tummy spasm and I have witness time and time again the relief for a baby on administering this remedy.

If your baby has had anti-biotics directly or indirectly (breastfeeding) this can aggravate the delicate bowels friendly bacteria balance. So this must be replenished.

In a nutshell, colic can come about from many causes so it’s important to work out where. Don’t suffer sleepless nights and a baby in pain get some help from a professional.