Small changes, big rewards.

Nicola MasseyNutrition and Wellbeing


Want to change it up a gear?   There are many contribution factors to our physical wellbeing. The environment,  nutrition, mental and spiritual health all play a part. Here are 4 tips to help you push through the last few days of January and get close to your goals for this year.


Turn off your WIFI at night and whenever you’re not using it. Constant RADIATION exposure is taking its toll on all of us, so be kind to yourself and others and turn it off.



Try eating from a blue plate! Test show this really helps with eating less. Also reduce your portions. We tend to make carbs the biggest percentage on our plate. Reduce this to the smallest portion and make protein the same. The rest should be veg or salad.

Not only will you probably lose weight (if you need to) but your feel more energised and less bloated. Don’t forget to chew, as this is a critical part of digestion.




Consider a Life Coach

There are some excellent Coach’s out there who can really help you to define your goals. Help with bad habits, procrastination (my vice), focus, letting go of past hurt but basically whatever you need to work on. Why not fulfil your potential this year and get a coach, there be no end to your achievements. There are many type of coaching and please get in touch if you require one as I know a few great ones.




Being of Service

Whether it’s helping an older person across a road or taking time out for someone, being of service helps you to grow spiritually. Having the compassion for another human being and doing an act of kindness is key to living a graceful and blessed life. Think, how you can I be of service to my fellow man and action it. It doesn’t have to be a big deal and you shouldn’t want any recognition.

Simple steps make the big changes.