Auto Immune the modern epidemic

Nicola MasseyNutrition and Wellbeing

Most of us have some form of food sensitivity. Not an allergy per say but a sensitivity to an element of food that causes inflammation in the small intestine. This constant damage to our intestine from our food sensitivity can ultimately develop into forms of auto immune disease.

Arthritis, Ms, Lupus, Thyroid issues, CF, graves, colitis, fatigue, skin disorders and allergy are types of an auto immune disorder and there are many more that come under this title.

One man’s poison

All food is either inflammatory or anti inflammatory and the western diet is more inflammatory than any thing else. The saying ‘one mans food is another man’s poison’ is so true. Identifying these inflammatory foods  is crucial if you want to prevent and repair damage to the gut. We know that the good gut health is essential if we want to live disease free lives.

An epidemic of auto immune

The modern epidemic of auto immune disorders is caused by an overreaction of the immune system where it attacks its own cells. The immune systems job is to repair damage cells, but often it overreacts to a substances like gluten, believing there is a threat and attacks. Auto immune is massively underdiagnosed. Yes there are genetic pre-disposition to disease but a huge amount of it is dietary.

We must protect ourselves

When we spray our crops, use chemicals in our homes and work place and have huge environmental stress in our lives. It’s of little wonder that auto immune is so prevalent.

The power of nutrition can change most disease pictures. We need to get back to basics and find out what are our issues. Stop eating denatured food. Remove the toxins in our food and environmental. This is key to changing your health.

Were hell bent on naming diseases and giving out a diagnosis which is fine, but the over prescribing of medication more often than not that just mask your symptoms causing more harm.

So take control of your health now, only you can. If you need help identifying your trigger foods and want to get back to health and feeling good, make an appointment today.