Environmental stresses

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Is Wi-Fi stressing you out?

Everyday technology in our homes can spread radiation and deplete our energies. With the truly addictive nature of technology, our anxiety levels are through the roof and stress-related illnesses are becoming common place. It’s no wonder that breaks from our phones and other devices are being positively encouraged and digital detox retreats are a growing trend.

Your stress may be manifesting in a variety of ways. Perhaps you suffer from insomnia? Are tired a lot? Never feel quite 100%? Snap easily at people? You could blame these conditions on so many things but there is another health hazard contributing to our already high stress levels and it’s coming from our homes, our phones and our convenience gadgets. EMFs – Electric Magnetic Fields – and EMRs – Electric Magnetic Radiation.

Nicola Massey, Founder of Health On Your Doorstep and health and wellbeing expert, shows us how we can reduce the risks.

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