Solar Eclipse

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The display the sun and moon put on for the solar eclipse was a stunning sight if you were lucky enough to see it.

On top of that we now have the spring equinox, coinciding with a new moon and a solar eclipse it marks a fantastic opportunity to create change with in your life.

A time of resurrection, rebirth and turning from the darkness into the light, this time of year brings powerful energy which is deeply rooted from centuries of ritual and tradition. It is an excellent cleansing time of year steeped in healing and progression.

Out and about

This equinox is an energising time of year with more daylight each day that increases our energy and ability to absorb vitamin D. Spending time outdoors in nature will help ground and energise you.

Nettle tea

If you out and about, collect some new nettles (just the tips) and make nettle tea, a brilliant tonic to flush out the old dross and support the body with it’s fabulous mineral content.
The actual moment of Equinox will be at 22:45 GMT/UTC, with healing being at its strongest.

Note about nettles; only collect where you know dogs haven’t been! Yum.

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