Bone Broth

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Make your very own health elixir

To make your own Bone broth is simple to do, cheap and very good for you. Bone Broth is finally getting some serious air time. It is made with bones of various animals, preferable organic but free range will do. As with any good stock, bones are typically roasted first to improve the flavour of the bone broth but not essential.

Simmer long and slow

Bone broths are gently simmered for a long time (at least 6 hours but optimum is 24 hours). Simmering for this time helps to extract the minerals and nutrients from the bones. By the end of cooking the bones can crumble when pressed as all the minerals have been leached into the broth.

Why is this super elixir so good for you?

Bone broths are particularly rich in nutrients – mostly minerals and amino acids. Bone broths are a excellent source of amino acids; especially glycine, proline and arginine. Glycine supports our body in detoxing and it’s used in the process and is used in the production of hemoglobin, bile salts and other naturally-occurring chemicals within the body. Glycine also supports digestion and the secretion of gastric acids. Proline, particularly when coupled with vitamin C helps with good skin health. They are are also rich in gelatin which improves collagen, aiding skin health. Gelatin also supports our digestive health which is why it plays a crucial role in digestion and people with Gaps issues.

Grandmother knows best

So your good old Grandmother telling you to sip chicken soup when ill was quite right as chicken soup cooked this way can help lessen the side effects of colds, flus and upper respiratory infections.

How I make to Make Bone Broth

2 to 3 kgs of chicken carcass makes about 3 litres roughly (use any meat bones of your choice) your butcher often gives these away. I get them for my dog too. Or save bones from your Sunday roasts. If they are quite fleshy, poach the meat off and use for other meals.
Cover in a deep pan with cold filtered water (Stainless or ceramic only)
Add: A few bay leaves, a few peppercorns
Add the tops of carrots/celery/onions/garlic if you wish but not essential
Bring to the boil and then reduce heat and simmer from 6 to 24 hours. Basically the longer the better.
Use straight away or store in the fridge for up to a week. Ice cube trays are handy for storing broth which you can add to your meals throughout the week. I use this stock when cooking rice, making gravy, most dishes I prepare will have some in.
Collect the fat from your broth and use it in future recipes as well.
Fabulous nutrient and mineral rich, cheap and easy to prepare…. what’s not to love. Nicola x

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