Your Own Healing System – Ebola

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We rely heavily on the Media to keep us informed of what is happening in the world and to report to us accurate information on the likes of Ebola. But whether we are told the truth or not, essentially it’s better to know what natural remedies will give you a fighting chance if the need arises.

A lot of people today live in a strongly immuno-supressed state. Most prescription medications, vaccines and processed food additives suppress the immune system, making people far more vulnerable to pandemic infections. Our body has it’s own very individual healing system and if it is allowed to function as it should, it is our best chance of protection from any disease.

The best solution for this is to work on our immune system to allow it to thrive and give you the best chance of fighting any virus whether it’s the common cold or the likes of Ebola.

So the simple things to do are:

  1. Clean up your diet – Out with Processed foods/Refined Sugars/Bad fats/ Excess caffeine/ Excess Alcohol. In with Fresh veg/Whole grains/High quality protein/H20. Cook with turmeric, cinnamon, oregano and other dried or fresh herbs. Sip herbal teas like green or Lapacho. Juice daily as Mother Nature provides everything we need for a healthy life.
  2. Supplement daily with – Zinc, Selenium, vitamin C, vitamin D3, fish oil, co enzyme Q10, vitamin E
  3. Get yourself a natural medicine chest and fill it with the likes of – Echinacea, golden seal, colloidal silver, oregano oil, apple cider vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, Hydrogen peroxide and Lugols Iodine.
  4. Use a super blend of vital nutrients such as our Vital Twelve. This gives you a blend of the 12 elite superfoods all in one hit so you can keep your immunity in tip top shape.
  5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If you are already thirsty it’s to late. Often water doesn’t taste so great but if you use a filter like our EVA water filter you can guarantee delicious tasting water every time and no nasty chemicals.
  6. Mental attitude – If your attitude is negative so is your health. Resolve any issues that you may have. Life is short, get on with living it!
  7. Ground yourself daily if you can. I know it’s hard in winter and you don’t feel like going out side but it really is worth swapping your positive ions for some of those negative ions that the Earth is happy to share. You can always use an Earthing sheet if you want to remain grounded as you sleep which is an easy way to exchange positive and negative ions.
  8. Breathe – an odd one, but observe your breath throughout the day. I know I shallow breath and at times I hold my breath. I need to make a conscious effort to breathe well. Massively important to keep your body in good shape and oxygenate our blood.

Lecture over, you’re dismissed. X

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