Fluoride – Water Hazard

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Your mind some may say is your weapon and your ability to interact with life and all walks of it. But did you know that every day chemicals in your daily routine are potentially damaging your brain? The main culprits I’m looking at today is Fluoride

“Fluoridation goes against all principles of pharmacology. It’s obsolete.” — Dr. Arvid Carlsson, Nobel Laureate in Medicine/Physiology.

Low IQ and Iodine Deficiency

A study by the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) found that fluoride is linked to lower IQ and that 34 studies now link fluoride to lower IQ levels in humans, while many other studies link fluoride to learning and memory impairment and fetal brain damage. The Lancet published a paper stating that fluoride had been newly categorised as a neurotoxin, a type of chemical that has links to brain damage and IQ losses. It suggested that further research should be carried out concerning the possibility of a link between fluoride and neurological development. In China, researchers have repeatedly found that an iodine deficiency coupled with fluoride exposure produces a significantly more damaging effect on neurological development than iodine deficiency alone.

Whether to Fluorinate

In the UK there are a few places where fluoride is added to the water. It happens principally around Birmingham and in eastern England, and covers about six million people. Another 500,000 people live in areas where fluoride occurs naturally in the water supply. Your right to choose whether to have fluoride in our water supply is something people have been campaigning for years and rightly so. The point is we don’t need it and in areas with poor dental statistics it would be more beneficial to educate the public with nutritional knowledge and allow families to make better choices regarding their health long term.


Know anyone with thyroid issues? In Europe Fluoride used to be prescribed to reduce thyroid activity. In the USA where they fluorinate the majority of the drinking water there is a high percentage of the population on Thyroxine medication which helps the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland, which regulates the body’s metabolic rate, plays a vital role in our health. Because all metabolically active cells require thyroid hormone for proper functioning, thyroid disruption can have a wide range of effects on virtually every system of the body. http://fluoridealert.org/fan-tv/fluoride-the-thyroid-gland/

What can you do?

Removing fluoride from your water supply is often as simple as installing a high-quality water filter like the Eva Water Filter which takes out 98% of harmful substances. I have peace of mind knowing I’m using one of these water filters and that my kids are drinking safer water.
If you need more information check out http://fluoridealert.org/ this site has lots more details and is an excellent resource.



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