Someone wise once said ‘Let food be thy medicine’, which in turn planted a seed which grew and grew and became The Hippocratic Oath.
Health practitioners worldwide base their teachings on this oath and in doing so swear an oath to do no harm. Sadly this isn’t always true today and as you navigate the internet looking for answers you can truly lose your way.
Health shouldn’t be complicated and when simplified, great results can be achieved.

About Nicola

Practicing Nutrition Consultant for 15 years in the UK and now on a new adventure in NZ.

To say health and wellbeing is a passion of mine would be an understatement. Nothing is more rewarding than to see a client regain their health.

It’s not just the food we eat that can cause an issue, it’s also our environment that plays a huge role in our health. Being mindful of how everyday things affect us is the first stage in the adventure to a new and improved you.

The key to improving your health is to understand how you got there in the first place. By removing these issues in your life, you really can change to a  happier, and healthier you.

 It’s important to look at your health in a holistic manner. Looking at all the aspects of the human self: physical, mental, and environmental.

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Using Kinesiology, an innovative muscle testing method. I can pinpoint vital information from your body’s responses. This enables me to create a bespoke, nutritional programme by removing the inflammatory substances from your diet. I also test supporting supplements which is essential for rebuilding and maintaining your vitality.

In this in-depth consultation, I take a detailed case history and use kinesiology to get to the root cause of your current health picture. this session gives you the understanding of how your health or lack of has come about and will show you how you can make lasting change and improvement. This is a real game-changer.

Once you have had your Nutrition Consultation the Home and Environmental Consultation is usually booked. This I find is even more essential theses days with all the issues with  – WIFI and other EMF stress, chemicals, geopathic stress, molds etc. If your house isn’t supporting your health, it’s essential you make it supportive.

PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electric Magnetic fields naturally gives your body’s cells the extra push they need to perform at peak capacity. Your body will deal with pain better, recover faster, and function at a more vital level. A PEMF device is a must for every athlete who takes their career (and their performance) seriously.

This unique therapeutic system delivers a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) right into your body’s cells. The chemical reactions in every cell in your body are stimulated by electrical signals, which give the energy they need to work more efficiently. The result is that your body performs better and you have more energy, endurance, and stamina on and off the field.

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Training and accreditations – 15 years practising

Health Kinesiology™ accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

DNN – Diploma in Natural Nutrition.

Fully insured